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UV Ultra MK3 Hot Foil Plate Making Machine
Just £124.99VAT

Design and make your own hot foil polymer plates

The UV Ultra MK3 hot foil plate making machine is the ideal solution when you want the flexibility to make your own polymer plates for hot foil printing - but without spending a fortune. (Not suitable for debossing and certain surfaces. Some experience is required to make good quality polymer plates - thus not suitable for those who want instant results - in which case we would encourage you to get magnesium  dies made by an outside source or brass dies from us).

Features at a glance

A compact hot foil polymer plate maker made from powder-coated industrial grade steel with high density ultra violet (UV) light source and LED display.

*  6x8w powerful ‘twist and lock’ UV lamps 365NM
*  Highly accurate digital timer gives exposure durations
   of 0-999 seconds
*  Post exposure side drawer for final hardness
*  Firm contact between artwork and plate
*  Fused for extra safety


*  Maximum exposure area: 260mm x 200mm
*  Voltage: 220v/240v
*  Dimsensions: 300 x 290 x 75mm
*  Weight: 5kgs unpacked

Helping you get the most from your hot foil plate maker

We hope you’ll be inspired to create lots of exciting new hot foil printing designs with your UV Ultra MK3. It comes with an instruction manual so you can get started straightaway -and we are also on hand with individual advice and support if you need it. Our friendly, UK-based team can be contacted during office hours by phone, e-mail or livechat.

5 great reasons to choose the UV Ultra MK3

  1. Fast results - Produce brand new designs in a few minutes by creating your own, bespoke polymer plates. It’s ideal when you need to produce new hot foil prints quickly, or you simply want to experiment with short runs.
  2. Great quality design and manufacture - You can trust the quality of the UV Ultra MK3 as it is designed to meet British Standards.
  3. Accessories and a kit to get you started -For speed and ease, add a starter kit with your purchase and receive a batch of useful accessories such as tongs, developer & fixer, blank polymer plates, tubs, artwork media. You can also purchase ongoing supplies of film, artwork sheets, developer & fixer, Spare UV lamps and
    other accessories from us separately as you need them.
  4. Guidance and support - Every UV Ultra MK3 comes with an Instruction Manual with plenty of pictures. This should be all you need, but if not, you can also take advantage of free phone or email support if you have a particular question.
  5. All at a price you’ll love - We’ve worked hard to offer an impressive and highly usable polymer plate maker that offers excellent quality at a price that is still accessible for all. If you want a safe and robust polymer plate maker that won’t let you down, you won’t  find a better price anywhere in the world.

Still not sure?

Just give us a call for free advice. We’ve been specialising in hot foil printing machines and hot foil polymer plates makers for over three decades - and we’d be delighted to help!

Don’t worry, we won’t pressure you with a sales pitch if you call - but we will offer you clear and honest advice on whether a polymer plate maker is right for you.  There are lots of factors that will impact the quality if your finished polymer plate (and hence the final printed output) including artwork, exposure time, washing out, foil grade, print temperature etc. All of these are controlled by the user, but we will advise how to proceed if you would like. It is also important to know that in some cases a polymer plate is not suitable and a metal or brass die will be required.

If you’re not sure, please contact us.

Price List

UV Ultra MK3 Hot Foil Polymer Plate Maker £124.99+VAT
Mini Plate Making Starter Kit £75.00+VAT

On-going supplies available from us:
20 x A4 Artwork Sheets £12.00+VAT
1 Liter of Developer £15.00+VAT
1 Liter of Fixer £15.00+VAT
20 x A4 Negative Film £30.00+VAT

QuickTrim plate - uncut  (A4) £14.99+VAT
(use a sharp pair of scissors to cut - not supplied)
Metal backed plate - uncut (A4) £23.00+VAT
(Cutting service available upon request)

Please email us or call us on 01708-731294 during weekdays if you have any queries, and we will be happy to help.

Complete Kit 
just £199.99+VAT

UV Ultra MK3 shown with
Mini Starter Kit

Example of polymer hot foil plate plus output

Why make your own Plates?

... So all in all, the UV Ultra offers you great potential not only to save money but make more money by using
 it for other applications.

How to make your own
 Polymer Hot Foil Plates

Finally .... did you know?

Did you know that you can also use the UV Ultra MK3 to make plates for the Pad Printing Process too! If you are looking to buy the Foilcraft 4x3 (and the UV Ultra MK3 Plate Maker) to print onto promotional gift items, then you may also wish to look at our low cost pad printing machine - full details can be found on our other website by clicking here.

Thus, with the UV Ultra, not only will you be able to make your own polymer hot foil plates but also plates for pad printing too!

The Pad Printing Process will allow you to print onto flat and non-flat items such as round pens, golf balls etc. The hot foil printing process is only suitable for flat surfaces as described elsewhere on this website. Therefore, by combining the hot foil and pad printing process, you will be able to cover a much wider market and offer your customers a much wider choice too!

Click here to watch video!

Click here to watch video!

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