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Foilcraft 4x3 Hot Foil Printing Machine (Package 2a)

Initials Printing Package 2a - £1053.00+VAT (USD 1316.00.  AUD 1864.00)

A Starter kit for those wishing to add Initials onto items such as Phone Cases, Tablet Cases, Wallets, etc.

1) FoilCraft 4x3 Manual hot foil printing machine with built-in Type Holding Chase (British Design)

2) 4”x3” Die holding block with handle

3) Die bonding tape (25mm x 1 metre in length)

4) Spacing furniture

5) Piece of Presspahn backing substrate (15cm x 13cm)

6) Piece of Rubber Cloth backing substrate (15cm x 10.5cm)

7) Pair of 1.5mm thick magnetic guides

8) Pair of 6mm thick magnetic guides

9) 18pt. Times Roman Metal Type* - Double size set
    (Capitals & Numbers) £126.00+VAT

   (24pt, 30pt and 36pt also available at extra cost)

10) 1 x Plastic Type Tray/Case £7.00+VAT

11) Pack of 18pt Quads & Spacers £20.00+VAT

12) 2 x 18pt. Slip Case £50.00+VAT

13) Tool kit

14) Instruction manual

15) Training DVD (2 Hours and 30 Minutes)

16) 12 Months warranty (back to base)

* Type size and style can be changed, if required.

Click here  to view Foilcraft Junior equivalent Package

Please click here to see other type styles. Quotation for other type styles and sizes is available on request via e-mail.

Type supplied above is double the quantity in Capital Letters and Numbers only. If you require Lowercase too, please enquire.

This type is made from a mixture of different metals and is great for printing onto Leather items etc. and produces commercial quality work. However, if you require an even higher quality Type (Brass Type) which will last much longer, then we can also supply that too - please click here for details.


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worth £35.00+VAT!

Roll of foil

Test die/plate for you to practice with

100 blank business cards to practice with

Horizontal gauge bar

Pair of heat protective gloves

Package 2a

Please contact us to order
or call us on 01708-731294    International: +44 1708-731294